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Lite plan error

Hi, I have paid for Lite plan[1 month]. I have 2 projects already developed when I had starter plan. But now, when I am trying to add 3rd project by cloning, it shows me this error. I might be wrong about plan conditions and terms. Any help?

Hmm, seems like it could be a bug. It looks like I’m getting a strange error message in my Dashboard as well (keep in mind I’m on a Legacy Account plan so I have a 20 project limit instead of 10):


I haven’t adjusted any billing information and even though it says my projects are “locked” I don’t happen to notice any limitations.

I’ll probably shoot an email over to Webflow Support but I’ll tag some folks below to see if they can provide any insight.

@WebDev_Brandon @WebflowCommunityTeam

Is it happening for the first time or previously experienced something similar?

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that message before, however I’m not getting errors when trying to work on projects so I don’t normally have a reason to check the page.