Listing items from subcategories ONLY?

So I managed to do some categories and subcategories. But it seems that I can’t list ONLY the items that are inside a subcategory? In the Subcategory Template Page filter says “Equal to → Parent Category of Subcategory” so I can’t list only the items of the current subcategory but it lists all items that are in parent category also…

I have “Fashion” category with two subcategories referenced to it - “T-shirts” and “Shoes”. So, if I go to Subcategory Template and put Dynamic Data List with items I can’t set filter to show items only from “T-shirt” subcategory. It shows items from “Shoes” subcategory also because in filter there is no option to set that allows “current subcategory only”. It’s always “Parent category of Subcategory”.

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I think that your example doesn’t give enough information to provide support. What exactly are your CMS collections and fields? I’m pretty sure that you can do what you are trying to do without static pages. Sorry that you got so frustrated and left.

Hi @Spoonk, sorry that there have been some issues, I would like to help.

First could you help to share your read-only link: Share a read-only link | Webflow University, that will help to make things go faster. Take a peek at the posting guidelines: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category - General - Forum | Webflow

If you are trying to create a dynamic list on a static page, you can filter by a reference value (shoes or t-shirts).

If you are trying to create a dynamic list on the Fashions template page, and filter by the reference value t-shirts or shoes, I would like to more about how you are trying to structure the layout, so that I can try and try to give some ideas on this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

@cyberdave, @akeen This is what I’m talking about.

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Hi! Did you found any solution for this problem? I think I have the same situation right now.