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Listener to Webflow done with Lottie

Hello Friends from Webflow! Here’s the deal: I need to trigger a script that identifies SVGs elements that are created by the lottie element from webflow. Right now I’m doing it through time-out functions:

      setTimeout(function() {
        let animWrap = document.getElementById('lottie');
        let anim = animWrap.getElementsByTagName('svg');
        anim[0].setAttribute("preserveAspectRatio", "none");
	    let animWrap1 = document.getElementById('lottie1');
        let anim1 = animWrap1.getElementsByTagName('svg');
        anim1[0].setAttribute("preserveAspectRatio", "none");

      }, 100);

However, that’s not ideal as you guys probably know. Is there any event that Webflow triggers when it is done converting the lottie animations into svgs?

@webdev, @vincent … Do you guys know this or have some tip?