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List of functions that "Degrade Gracefully"

We still have a large enough number of users running old browsers that we need to support them. I know the Webflow features says that sites will “degrade gracefully” on old browsers, but is there a list somewhere of how functions will behave on old browsers? My hope is that all information will be still accessible even if not presented quite as nicely.
How do I determine if this will be the case without building a website and running it on multiple browsers?

Hi @skino,

That is a great suggestion.

There are a lot of issues that don’t degrade that gracefully :smile: . Specially for HTML newbies like me. For instance, It took a couple of hours for me to understand why my logo wasn’t showing up on IE 8 (it was inside a link block on block display - must be inline display).

I did have quite a few issues on old browsers, specially IE 8 that doesn’t support HTML 5. I used a lot this service here: and also tried to test on IE myself.

Best of luck!

Great suggestion guys! We’ll throw something together in the documentation under Troubleshooting topic soon.