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List/Grid/Table as well as other componentes

Maybe this is already on your list of things to do, but it seems very challenging to create a list/table.

This, along with other common components would be very helpful. Also make them out of some reusable component building blocks I can clone, edit, save in my library.

Totally @jameswilson! These basic elements are on our roadmap after multiple pages. Thanks for your suggestions!


I can see your roadmap?
Still not enough span of components.

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I see what you did there! Here’s what we are working on (this order is not very specific):

  • Multiple pages
  • User Component Library (to copy elements across pages)
  • Navigation bar
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Styling inline-text (span)
  • More robust selector options
  • Sliders
  • More robust form elements
  • Firefox support

There’s a lot more I can add here, but these are the big ones in the coming months.