List for secondary vertical nav

Hey Everyone,
I would like to make a vertical menu that has a numbered main but with disc bulleted secondary menu underneath each main heading. All are links either to a page or an ID link.

The first image is the end result:

This second is the Navigator and how it is now. I am not allowed to add a list unless I add a list item to the original list item. Problem is the Original or main list I want to be numbered and the secondary I want discs.

Here is what it looks like in the Designer window. I do not want the second nested list to be numbered but with a disc. I also would like it indented by a tab from the main list item above it.

Thanks. My thoughts as of now after trying many things is to make this by using individual elements and adding some CSS. Thanks!

P. S- let me know if this is explained well enough I know I have that problem of not explaining things clearly and I am working on it!