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List all posts that belong to category

My webflow has two blog posts, and I am trying to recreate the behaviour of the default blog posts <-> categories CMS objects.

I have made a CMS collection called “types” and there are three options: “dog”, “cat”, “dogcow”.

I then have a CMS collection called “names” and each entry in this CMS requires a type be selected, which is specified via a reference field. So every post has a type like “dog” or “cat”

What I cannot figure out is how to make a types collection page that lists all of the names that have the relevant category. For example if i went to the “dog” types collection page it should show me every name that has had that type selected.

I am working around this currently manually by having a multi-reference field on each type that makes me select each name, but that is super manual. Any ideas?

@Peter_Clark1 can you please add a read only link to your project, so people can better assist you in your endeavors.