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"Liquid Gallery" Can it be done in Webflow?

Anyone know if this could be done in webflow, just using standard features and note having to embed any custom code?

My client has referred me to what they’ve dubbed a “liquid Gallery” at

Interestingly the gallery appears to me made up of tiles which are randomly pulling images from one ‘big’ collection - but displaying them in random sequences and with random animation/transition timelines.

Does anyone konw if this could be done in webflow - if so I’d really appreciate your steer and suggestions


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For the random idea you should use custom code (Math.random())

"The problem" this trick/idea is very veryyyyyyyy old (On mobile you don’t want to load 40 images and show only 20). In other words it’s hard to find a good example (With jquery 3.1). -Or- use webflow/JS freelancer (No way to give solution by forum answer).

old example (from 2012):