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Links to parts of site don´t need ID´s anymore

If i remember correcly, if you wanted to make a link to part of the page, you will have to create an ID, then this ID will show up on the dropdown menu.
I have notice the other day that you don´t need to do this anymore. The dropdown menu will show everything you have on the page.

That´s nice :smile:
Cheears webflow staff.

Maybe you don’t have see it, but this is a bit old :smile:

Hi @Rui_Almeida, you still need to give your sections IDs. You must have set those IDs earlier. Please go check for yourself, if you create a blank page, add several sections. Then add a navbar widget and try to select a section from that list. You will see no entries, until you give the sections IDs.

Cheers, Dave

hi @cyberdave,

yep, your right, my bad :wink: