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Links redirecting to landing page

Bug: Sign In and Sign up link in the Navbar are redirecting to my webflow landing page instead of the external link I have added.


This is the link it redirect when clike sign_up.
Also in setting, it is also the link.

I can’t see the problem…

Still not working. Just keeps redirecting me. Check out the video below.

Hi, I also check the setting code, there is nothing wrong. It actually work.

Maybe you should change browser add link once again.

Still doesn’t work. I cleared my cache and it worked for a sec, but then it went back to not working.

Problem still unresolved and also affecting SOME people visiting my page.

It keeps redirecting me to the page with the link

Hi, Pls check the chrome console screenshot,

I am also using Mac OS, Chrome, It work.

  1. Maybe you can change the sign up external link to to see whether or not it can redirect to google. Just test the external link function. If it work, add the link.
  2. If it can redirect to, But couldn’t redirect the, change another PC/MAC to visit website again. IF it couldn’t, write email to

In this procedure, At least we know which part don’t work.

By the way, I log in to, It’s nice. Could you tell me which tool you use to build it, and what database are you using?

Looking forward to your reply.

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