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Links only work on long press on iPad

Suddenly all my text-links and link-blocks stopped responding to touch event on my iPad (8th gen, OS 15.2) on safari. Links work fine on ‘long press’ – but nothing happens on regular press.

(This also applies to the ‘Made in Webflow’ badge)

Everything works fine on the same iPad in Chrome browser – also older webflow projects not published during last 16 hours work fine. (As well as other websites)
Everything works fine on Safari browser on iPhone…

Any suggestions – this is driving my crazy

Test page:

(I originally experienced this on this project)

hi @Gabdzi I do not have solution but here is what I’m experiencing in Safari.

on iPhone: the link work as expected and redirect me to page (nav hamburger is not working)
on iPad: links only work when I request mobile Website (from Safari option)

okay – I disabled JavaScript on my iPad (under settings → Safari)
Then everything works as it should. (Except ‘interactions’)

This is strange – since the test site, doesn’t contain any interactions…
So perhaps there is some kind of rogue Javascript snippet somewhere.

hi @Gabdzi according to your experience and issue reported recently on forum with another member I just get worry that there is WF glitch so I have done test on 4 random projects I have done and links works as expected (one tap) on all devices.

Hi Stan – Could you try re-publishing (perhaps just a test page, not to ruin anything)
or creating a new test project with just one link between two pages.

Then I could try it on my iPad, to see where the problem lies.

My older WF projects are working fine. Only stuff that was published during lasr 12 hours.

hi @Gabdzi I have just created two links in demo I have created yesterday and publish changes (republish). I have use both options text link and link block and both works as expected on all devices.


EDIT: I have found strange behaviour between two iPads. On new version of iPad Air 2 (4th generation) all works as expected. But when I have done test on old iPad Air 2 links do not work. What is a more strange that both iPads have iOS 15.2 (mean identical version of Safari).

Thanks – @Stan, this was super helpful.

I still have the same problem on my iPad - links only work on long-pres.
I guess that mean the problem is with my iPad or perhaps Safari and or caching issues…

hi @Gabdzi In first place I thought that is Safari only issue but I have been testing now and links click works ONLY in Chrome. On iPad links are unresponsive in Safari, Firefox and Brave. I do not know If this is WF issue or not. I do more testing with sites created outside of WF.

Thing is that browsers on iPad are treated as Desktop App compare to mobile Phones. I thing that has something to do with large resolution, but not sure. That’s why links works when mobile version is requested.

There are ways how to recognise device the website is open on but again IMO these optimisations should done on WF site. But as can’t now narrow down were issue is it is hard to say what is going on.

If this will read anyone from WF staff please give as an clue why this happening.

Hi @Gabdzi and @stan,

Thanks so much for the questions about the problem you’re seeing with links not being clickable on iPad using Safari.

There is an issue at the moment please refer to the Webflow status page:

Our team is aware of the issue and are currently investigating. As a workaround for now, long pressing the links should open up a preview from where you can navigate to the linked site. We hope to have more information for you very soon.

You can subscribe to updates and follow along on the status page to get up to the minute information.

I am sorry for the trouble, as soon as I have additional info, it will be updated on the status page.


Hi @cyberdave thank you for fast response.

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Hi @cyberdave all works now again. Tested on Safari, Brave, Firefox.

Thank you WF Team

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Awesome – normality is restored, all is good here as well.

Thanks @Stan and @cyberdave – and WF team


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