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Links on top of a map

I have this image of a map. How can I add block links on top of the (1) (2) (3) pins? Ideally, in a responsive manner.

thanks for your help!

Hi there, well on thing you can do, is to place the image of the map inside of a DIV with positioning set to Auto, and then give the map image relative positioning. Then add your pin marker images (if that is what you are using) within the same div that contains the map, and give those relative positioning too, and use the relative positioning movement arrows to arrange those pins on the image where you want them to be. After setting the position for the pins in the desktop view, you can check the positioning at the other view ports (tablet, phone landscape, phone portrait) and move those pins around using the relative positioning.


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@cyberdave when I add linkblocks to place the pins, they stack up on one another, even if their relative positioning is all different. Plus, when I publish the site, the links are not “clickable”…

Hi, if you can share your public project link here or pm me with that, I can take a look…