Links on picture like Pinterest

Hello all,
can someone help me how to generate links on images that stay exactly on the position of the image even with responsive design? See photo

Thank you very much.
Many Greetings

Hi Foxx, welcome to the forum.

This should help. Click the top right button to view the demo in the designer and you’ll be able to see the specific settings I used to create the responsive annotations.

EDIT: updated link, with more detail

Thank you very much. But unfortunately it does not work. Is there any other trick?

What are you referring to?
The element positioning demo is pretty good I think, based on current CSS techniques of an absolute element within a relative element. Rather interesting. However I’ve only tested on Chrome.


If you’re struggling with the coding you can message me with your site link and details on what you’re trying to accomplish, and I could do a small coding project for you.
Alternatively you might use a 3rd party toolset- this one looks interesting;

it would be great if you could help me with this example. Thank you in advance.

OMG it works. Thank you sooo much! :smiling_face:

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Guys from where did you get these Pinterest pictures? Thanks in advance.

Hey Roci, not sure what you’re asking actually.