Links on page not clickable, homepage like frozen

Hi everyone!
I have this situation - all of the links on my homepage - buttons, navigation, everything are not working. They are not even clickable. The cursor stays on pointer. I’m in panic.

It was perfectly fine and I can’t figure out what happened. This is only on the homepage, it’s like frozen.

Has anyone had this problem before? I couldn’t find anything and I apologize if there is already a case like mine .

I will be beyond grateful if someone can help me with this

[](http://Here is my site Read-Only)

The buttons are blocked by an element on top off it. I think it is the pre-loader. It blocks other content. When I remove the interactions the buttons work again. So something is wrong with the settings in your interactions.

@HGWeb you are right ^^ I can’t believe I missed that :smiley: Thank you so much !!

Glad I could help you out :+1: