Links not working on Portrait Mode (iPad & iPhone) and also Page Loader Animation disappear when changing viewpoints

Hello all,

I have 2 issues… (loving Webflow so far!!!)

  1. I have email and phone links on our contact us page (in Chinese) and they work as expected on computers and iPad and iPhone landscape mode, but they don’t work on portrait mode… In fact, we are not able to select and copy any text in portrait mode… Any idea why?

  2. We have a page loader animation (top right corner menu Lottie) but it disappears when we resize the browser window… It seems that when it reaches a certain “breakpoint”, it disappears… Any idea on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Ok, I have solved Mistry #1… which is links not working on portrait mode…

As it turned out, I have full screen dropdown menu and it seemed like it was blocking the whole screen. So, for future fellow Webflowers, if you have full screen dropdown menu, make sure not to set it (Navbar) to absolute. I have it set to relative, and it seemed to work great. :slight_smile: