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Links not working on Mobile

Please look at my site. The links to the States on the homepage work fine. But on mobile (profile view) the links do not work. Can anyone look at it and tell me what I did wrong, please??


Here is my site Read-Only:

They seem to work fine in the designer. Is it perhaps because they are too small? I’d suggest changing the layout to stack them all in one column.


Thank you for your help. Unfortunately I went into the designer and deleted a column and added gap space. This did not help. BUT… I did see this error:


I also noticed this:


Do you know what any of this means?? Thanks again!!

So you have a CMS collection for your states. Why are you not using a dynamic list?


The reason I am not using a dynamic list is because I had some issues trying to get the current item to link the state to the correct page. Any ideas?

What do you mean? It should automatically link to the collection page for that state if you set the states up correctly in the CMS.

The states themselves would be categories or however you would label them. And you would just link that category collection with a reference field to the location of your list. The site would function so much better. @DFink Dave is right though, that the button links on your home page on the mobile Portrait view are too small.

Here is what you can do to adjust them:

I add my two cents, just my opinion. Hope it helps.

I’d personally get rid of grid and use columns instead if you can’t use a dynamic list. I personally hate grid for things like this.

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WOW You guys are AMAZING!! Brandon sent me a video of him editing the site. WOW! Awesome. Here’s the deal though. I want to hire either of you just to help me with some questions. Are either of you interested? This is just a small non-profit volunteer tassk but I have a huge system being developed in Webflow that I cdould use more help with. Please call 727 709 3694

@WebDev_Brandon. Do you want to help? if not I might be able to.

LOL OK No one has called!! I could really use some help.

I can pay you via Paypal. 727 709 3694

Sorry was working, Ill call Dom

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