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Links not showing in view or when published

Hi All

I used a free template for a test as to how I would work around making a bilingual website. As you will see in the preview, I have created a new page (Home(JP)), copied the elements into it, translated it into Japanese, then created a link with a UK flag to the English directing it to the original home page, on this page I have done the same with a Japanese Flag to the Home(JP) page.

The problem is that when I view the page I cannot see my new links. Please take a look, I know it will be something simple.


Hey Nick, I found your problem!

So whenever you put a Div Block/Link Block into Webflow the designer gives the item some artificial padding so you can easily click on it or drag items into it.

The thing is, when you publish the site or preview it, you won’t see your element if you haven’t set the size/put an item inside it.

So here’s how to fix both the flags:

  1. Click the Link Block/Link Block 2 element.
  2. Set a Width and Height.

Yep, that’s it.

One thing I noticed while setting the height of the Japan flag is that anything above 70px left a gray line above and below the flag.



Thanks so much Carlos, I really appreciate your help.

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