Links not maintaining specified position across pages (even when using Symbols)

I have used the Symbols feature to replicate my topbar across 7 pages on my website. However, on the home page my “Communities” and “About” links are showing in a different position than on other pages. They seemingly “glitch” to the left when you go to edit the Topbar Symbol, then stay there. On other pages, they stay in their old spot to the right (the wrong spot).

At the end of the day, I want them to look like this:

Here is my public share link:

Also note that when you visit the website, they first appear in one spot then glitch to the correct spot (and so does the logo - it glitches down):

Any idea why the repositioning is happening? How do I keep them in one fixed position adjacent to the logo as pictured above?



Your read only link seems to be broken do you mind posting it again?

Fixed! Accidentally had an extra letter on the end. Thanks for pointing it out.

Great thanks!

You will want to remove all of the auto margins and large left margins and absolute positioning. from the logo and two navigation elements (including there base and combo classes).

You will want to re-order you nave items so that it goes logo, drop-down, about link. Then float each item left. On the about link give it padding of 20 on all sides to match the drop-down.

Step 1 remove margins and absolute positioning from the current state of the logo and the normal state of the logo.

Step 2. repeat step one for drop-down and about link

Step 3. add 20px of padding to the about link and float left

Step 4. add the class drop-down to the drop-down wrapper and a left float.

Step 5. Reorder the elements.

Option step 6. Add left margin to the drop-down class to provide space between the logo.

hope that helps :smile:

Hey dude! Been out and about. This guide is so concise and clear. It will surely help me tackle this issue.

You’re the man, thanks!


Hey, no sorry I can’t re-create the issue you’re describing.

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