Links not displaying in published site

Hi all,

I’ve got a strange issue with my website whereby the links don’t display (although they are there) when the site is published. They do work in the designer, though.

The problem occurs in a couple of places:

On the navbar, if you click “projects”, the projects link then disappears when you’re on the projects page. The same goes for “who are we”.

Also on the home page in the designer there are some links in the sections further down the page that also disappear when the page is published.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Here is my shareable link: Webflow - RL new site

And a link to the published site:

You’ll need to add a font color to the “Current” state of your links :slight_smile:

Right now it’s playing up with a “blank” color, which appears in the designer but not on live sites.

Create a new link anywhere on the “Who we are” page give it the class “navbar21_link-large” then set it to link to the “who we are” page. then clicking on it you should see the combo class “Current”.

Set the font color of that to black/grey/whatever you want!

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile: