Links in Rich Text not working

In my blog post body, which is being displayed in a Rich Text element on my CMS page, I have links that are not working—as in, you cannot click on them. This is also true for the embedded Youtube videos in there as well.

Has anyone ever encountered this issue or have any thoughts on how I might fix it?

Here is the affected webpage:
As you can see, you cannot click on the Youtube video, or any of the text links (which are in light gray).

Hi @rocsu.rzs, please share the read-only link for us to check out your settings. It looks like something is not right which the structure of the your site, but have to get a look inside to confirm.

Apologies, this is my first time seeking help.

Here is my read-only link:

No worries.

tl;dr: You can change Div Block 16 back to Position: Relative and z-index to 0.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 14.01.31

I see you have previously set z-index to -1 which means its below the lowest layer on the site = unclickable. I notice you have changed it to static, which theoretically cancels the -1. Idk why it didn’t.

I tried that and it worked. Thanks so much!

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