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Links in forum posts

Please can links in forum posts open in a new tab? It can be frustrating if you open a site from the forum, click around and then find you have multiple ‘back’ clicks to get back to the original forum post.

Just a suggestion. Unless there is a reason why not?


You can also use CMD or CTRL when you click links :wink:

Yeah I know. But sometimes I forget :tired_face:

That’s a local preference and you have many ways to do so: browser settings, MANY shortcuts, browser extensions…

The same way we advice not to use open in now tab settings in your websites. It’s very intrusive, that’s a behavior you should leave to end users.

Fair point. My argument against would be leaving to the end user would be to assume they know what they’re doing.

Was a small suggestion, no dramas.

I middle click if I want a link to open in a new tab. Or to open multiple links in new tabs, I use Linkclump Google Chrome extension - it’s a must-have for me.