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Links don't work in editor

When my client logs in to the editor on their website they can’t navigate on because all links redirect to /#

For example I try to open this nav link in the editor

In chrome it displays the right url

But when I click it, it opens this url

Anyone familiar with this problem?

I think this is an expected behaviour because whenever you want to edit your site or links you need to be able to click on them without taking any action to be able to modify its content.

Well to edit the link element there is a gear icon in the top right corner right?

Hi @studiopitt @aaronocampo

Thanks for posting here. This is a bug — clicking links in the Editor should still take you to the correct page. That said, it’s a bug we pushed a fix for some time ago, so it’s odd that it’s cropped back up.

@studiopitt, for now can you please try to resolve this by going into the Designer and replacing the links that are broken? This should unblock you/your client when using the links in the Navigator while the team looks for a fix.

Please let me know if that helps!

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Hi Brando, thanks for the response. Will give that a try, and will let you know if that fixes the problem for now.

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Didn’t know that @Brando, thanks for the clarification!

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My pleasure @aaronocampo — definitely a pesky one.

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