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Links don't make mouse turn into finger

Whenever I hover over a link it doesn’t make the mouse icon turn into a hand\finger icon indicating that it is a link.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Please specify the link in question. Navigation links show correct cursor for me. I have noticed recently that sometimes cursors would stop changing into the pointer indeed but everything works fine on the published site so maybe yours is the same bug.

all the links seem to not work correctly. the links all the way at the bottom the link in the CROWDSUPPLY image and sometimes the navigation links on top.

All work fine for me

The links work. The issue is that they dont make the mouse turn into a hand on hover. This isn’t working on any web browser I try.

Here is what I see.

Oh, that’s odd. It doesn’t look like that for me. Are you using Windows or Linux?

Windows machine here

Hm. Seems to be working on Linux as well. That’s odd.

could you help me with this issue: How to center logo image on mobile\tablet site?