Links disappearing on buttons in normal state

I’m having trouble with my normal state links not showing up in my buttons. They actually work fine until I link them to an external page. The one in the footer works great until I link it to the external page. See the orange button to the right of the main headline on the home page. I had originally set All Links to orange and thought that was the problem. So I changed All Links to White and created another class called Links-Orange for the links within the text on white backgrounds. The None (normal), Focused and Visited states on my button hides the text. It only show when you roll over it or click it. What did this newbie screw up now?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sibus Law Group


Copy the class name to clip board. Delete the button. Create A new button. Add it the class name you deleted before.

Moshe, thanks so much for the work around, but when I add an external link to the button, it goes back to orange text and is invisible again. As soon as I remove the external link, it works fine. If I make a standard button, without any class it creates a blue button. As soon as I add an external link to it, it turns orange. I don’t know where that is coming from. The style settings says the typography is white.

UPDATE: I was able to fix it by modifying the class “Button 2” to match the sizing, etc of what I had. That now works. I am still confounded by what is going on with the “Button-Home Hero” class.


Sorry for the late response - anyway if you still experiencing difficulties share your read only link - and I’ll look again :slight_smile: