Links, buttons does not work


Since I copy-pasted a navbar and we fixed it thanks to the help of @mistercreate I had another problem. I’ve tried to look for help on webflow university and look at how originally the site was done, but I still could not figure out why the buttons and links are not working.

Also, the navbar sometimes in front of content sometimes back of the content - I just don’t know why.

Could someone suggest some solutions from me?

Here is the link to the website:

Thank you!


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Which buttons and links are not working? All of the navbar links are working as far as I can tell. And when the navbar is open in preview mode is is in front of everything and not behind.


Thank you for looking at the site.

The navbar and the links on the navbar working fine. The other buttons, such as about us, services etc on the site not on the navbar that does not work.