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Linking to Register overlay from within Login overlay & vice-versa

Hi guys,

I remember seeing something like this on the forum not that long ago, but I can’t seem to find it again.

Essentially I’m looking to allow my users to click the ‘Already a member? Login’ link on the register overlay to take them to the login overlay, or the ‘Don’t have an account? Register here’ link to take them to the register overlay from the login overlay (bah, this is getting confusing!).

Here’s an image of the ‘register here’ link:

Now clicking ‘register here’ should take the user to the register overlay. Any ideas how I can do this?


Interaction should do well in here. On click on element other elements should disappear and another one should appear. I’d use JavaScript in here anyway, because it’s easier for me to control everything. Create all neccesary overlays and ping me on Skype or mail (see details in profile) and we’ll work it out.

Thanks, not sure why I didn’t think of using interactions, I’ve already used them plenty.

Is there a problem with using interactions over JavaScript? Do Webflow interactions work across all browsers?