Linking to page section (with header offset) scrolls smoothly but then jumps to top

Hello, I’m having an issue linking to page sections. I’ve setup some links to jump to different sections of my page, they’re using the built in page section linking method so they’re smooth scrolling.

I followed the instructions on Vlad’s post by making my header position: fixed; and giving it the <header> tag in the settings panel so that the scroll would be offset too.

The issue is, they all scroll rather nicely, to the correct position but then then a split second later it jumps again so that the offset is reset, it also adds a strange focus to all of the elements in the section.

Try it out by hitting ‘browse’ on the top right of my page and selecting one of the options:

Sorry about the state of the page, I’ve made it anonymous.


Here is my public share link: Webflow - Scrolling bug demo

@cbg did you found a solution? I have the exact same issue :cry: Would be very happy if I could solve it soon.