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Linking to internal document

Hey everyone,

This is a feature request i think. I’d like the option of linking to an internal document like a pdf thats in the root or assets folder of the site. Right now if you link to an external site, it automatically puts http:// in front of whatever i put. If this was disabled i could link to anything or even other pages. For now entering the full address is a workaround but it’s not ideal. Im also interested in a premium tier without hosting with unlimited sites. Hopefully for a yearly fee. I’m loving the program though!!! Keep up the good work!

It should still work using the absolute path but if you want you can just edit the “href” value after you export and use relative path like /pdf-folfer/mypdfdoc.pdf.

For example, the export will look like this (absolute path):

<a href="">my pdf link here </a>

You can change it to (relative path):

<a href="/pdf-folder/mypdfdoc.pdf">my pdf link here </a>

I’m hoping I understood your question properly but I’ve reread it a few times, if not can you please reword it for us?

Dave, we will be offering our tiers with Hosting a-la-carte (pay for it if you need it), with yearly plans. I hope this will meet your needs. :slight_smile:

Okay well thats good news. Any idea when this might be rolled out? And a ball park idea of price? Hosting seems to be the most expensive part of any website service so considering all I would want is unlimited amount of websites and thats all, I hope it will be affordable for a startup designer. Thanks!

yup, pingram, thats exactly what I did. I opened it up and edited the href to point to the relative path manually. Once I’m in the tweaking phase and I know exactly where it will be, i will just use the absolute path for ease until the final project is exported to avoid having to do it with every tweak. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.

Also if you have a lot of links to update post export, you can use an advanced text editor like sublime text or similar to do find/replace very quickly. Good luck!

Also Dave forgot to mention that once we roll out multiple pages this week we will automatically be doing relative paths (right now we only support absolute paths because we don’t support linking to pages).

Ahhhhh, that makes perfect sense. I’m excited to see how you guys implement multiple pages!! Cant wait!

Hey Sergie,

I took a look at the new links pallette and theres still no option to link to a relative document. The external link think still puts http in front of it. Is there any way to change that so it doesn’t put that in? Even if we have to type it manually when linking externally?


We auto add HTTP:// for external links because some users don’t think to add it and the link fails. You want to be able to type in something like “/404page” and have it export as such?

Yes exactly. I can understand the desire to make it easier for people to link without problems but I think it disables the ability for control over your linking. If you were creating a website by hand, you would have to remember to link with http to get it to work. I think users can be trusted to do this. You could add a rollover popup in the interface for the link field that says remember to write http:// before an external link.

Or just make it a default feature, ie a check box that says “add http://” that can be disabled manually for those of us that want that.

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Cool, thanks for your feedback guys. I’ll talk to my man @callmevlad about this.

This would also solve a problem I emailed about: While we’re working on our draft site at, all internal links to anchors on other pages have to use that format to work. (Like

Then, we either have to manually change them all just before going live at, and go live without the chance to first test our changes, or go live with the urls that point back to the draft site, and then manually change them all while the site is in production.

Not a happy choice. I like @pingram3541’s suggestion for an implementation, and it’s one that feels like you might be able to implement quickly. (hint hint)

We just pushed a shorter term fix for this before the more robust one that @thesergie posted above.

If your URL begins with a forward slash, it will be left alone. So if you have something like /about or /some-folder/mypdf.pdf, Webflow no longer auto-appends http:// to the beginning of the URL.

Using this method, to link to a section on another page you would do something like /PAGE.html#SECTIONID (replace PAGE with your page name, and SECTIONID with the section id name).

Fantastic, you guys really rock it! Again, just in the nick…


In the recent panel of Webflow, where I can add #anchorname to my link, like this :

  • index.html
    <a href=“contact.html#anchorname”>…</a>

  • contact.html
    <div id=“anchorname”>…</div>


Okay. I get it :smile: