Linking to a section on another page working unexpectedly

Hi there!

I’m trying to link the For Business in the navbar to the page but when I do, it goes to that page but directly to the last section of it that says Sign up. Why would this be happening? In mobile it works fine, in desktop it goes to that section.

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Looking at the site, I can see you have the link set to a section element (although you have not defined the section) as opposed to selection an internal page as a link. If you change this setting, then the link should go directly to that page, and not a specific section of that page.

Your settings:

How it should be:

When I make those changes, the “For Business” Link takes me to the top of that page every time.

Hope that helps.

Hi Raymmar, thanks for your reply!

Although I changed it already to look as you show, it’s still happening the same. Can you check if you see my change?

Hello there. It is working for me now at least in the designer. I do not have a link to the live staging site. Try flushing your cache and reloading the page.

Ok, I am checking the live site, and it seems to not be working there. Still taking me to the bottom of the pages. Are you sure you published your changes? It was working in the designer, but not on the live site.

Yes just published again and same thing happens. However, in mobile works perfectly. I dont know what to do.

That is weird. Not sure what it happening there.

Form with a field set to focus?

Sorry? Didn’t get it.

Maybe your browser cache needs to be cleared?


Looks like a non issue here.

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