Linking to a rich text element from the CMS is breaking sticky functionality

On my Services CMS template, I’m attempting to link a rich text block to a CMS entry. The sticky functionality of the layout works prior to linking, and breaks after linking. I’m not touching any other settings. I’ve linked the 3 identical sections above in the same way and they seem to work fine. Anybody have any idea what is going on here? It’s driving me nuts. Thanks!

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This has happened to me before and I think it largely has to do with the variable height of content in the div blocks.

After linking the rich text for Phase 4, it becomes apparent that Phase 2 contains the most amount of text than the other phases. All this text has increased the height of the Phase 2 Home Process Item Inner div to be much greater than both Phase 3 and Phase 4. Because of this outlier in height, it inadvertently changes the stacking effect (particularly for the Phase 3 block).

When I removed the Phase 2 Home Process Item div altogether (and kept the rich text linked for Phase 4), the issue was no longer present and the scrolling/sticky interaction worked as intended. Screenshot below

TLDR: In my experience, I’ve never found a perfect solution to this beyond trimming the copy or setting a fixed height on the div blocks. I hope someone else can chime in and perhaps shed a different light or solution on this phenomenon!