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Linking to a category in CMS

Hi there,

Trying to create a series of links in my navbar that go to certain categories in the CMS for example ‘Videos’ or ‘Promotions’ - Don’t want to have to manually enter the paths to these links.


Hi, @Jason_Wintermeyer

Then you need to add the dynamic list to the menu, connect it to the collection of categories and then add links+text inside the dynamic item.

Hope it helps.


I will give that a try

This worked great but there are some categories I do not want to include in this nav list and can only filter ‘not to set’ one category. I would also like to add other non categorised links into this navbar amogst these category links.

You can add other links before or after categories, but not in between. Also, you can exclude certain categories by using and combine filters (" Categories - not equal - “name of excluded category”)

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