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Linking several webflow sites to one domain

I am wanting to link several webflow sites to the same domain in sub folders? I will have a main site hosted by webflow. But I plan to have several other webflow sites that I want published to the same domain but in sub folders.

eg: <- main site <- also webflow but a separate site <- also webflow but a separate site

Any help would be much appreciated

@andyjames to save on cost, you can create your main site in webflow. Then, for other sites, just make a folder within that same project and style pages within that folder differently.

Yeah I did think of that. But I intend to have 10 - 20 separate sites. Firstly, this will get messy with symbols and interactions. Secondly, there would be no way to export the code for one of the sites in a folder/page on its own without exporting everything.

Unless I am missing something?

agreed. So i think you’ll need to do something like this:

  1. create your main site
  2. for each sub site, make a child page for it within your main site.
  3. in that child page, drag in an EMBED element.
  4. put a simple javascript redirect to the sub site

done =)

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