Linking RichText field to CMS changes style

Hi all, I’m building my portfolio site using a YT tutorial, and i ran into an issue where I insert a RTE, and it shows the placeholder text, but the moment I link it with the appropriate CMS field (Project Description) the text goes white, and no tweaking the styles in the sidebar changes it. Help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

You can’t style a RTE when it’s linked to the CMS.

But you can style a RTE of the same class, and it will have effect on your CMS RTE.

Drag a RTE on top of your CMS RTE. Give it the same class as the CMS RTE. Now you can select elements in the non CMS RTE and style them. But pay attention. Select the text, then in the selector block, select All paragraphs, then just under, Limit to (name of the class).

Hi there thanks for your reply! After messing around a little bit I discovered that bulleted lists show as black font, but anything else doesn’t. Would that issue be related to this as well?

Add a bulleted list to your non cms rte and style it the same way, in targetting all bullets but limiting to the class.