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Linking project thumbnails

Hello everyone I’m having a bit of an issue with my portfolio website.

I am using the “Candy” template, ( and as the homepage you essentially see a collection of thumbnail images (in rows/columns), when you hover over one of these thumbnails a project title and description appears, and allows you to click the thumbnail, then taking you to a separate page dedicated entirely to that specific project to show the user more detail about it. At the bottom of each of these project pages there are two of the rows of thumbnails I described on the homepage displaying a smaller selection of projects, allowing the user to continue browsing through projects without having to return to the homepage.

Now this is where my question comes, the template comes preloaded with images and content for each of these thumbnails, and therefore everytime I create a new project page it loads it up with those images and descriptions. Is there a way to make the new pages automatically use the thumbnails, titles, links, and descriptions being used on the homepage?

It may sound a bit lazy, but if you consider 40+ projects that are going to be posted that is 40+ times I will need to change 12 images, 12 titles, 12 descriptions, and 12 links, not to mention every time I add one in the future. Also while on that note, future projects will have to be manually added to the original 40+ pages of thumbnails. It just gets really tedious really fast and seems like there could be a better solution.

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