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Linking problem

Hi guys, my site is almost finished and already live on own domain:

Although, i have one major problem. On the front page menu, if i click on “Ratkaisut” it scrolls down to the correct section, and if i choose the first “Lue lisää” button on the left, it links to a subpage, again correctly. All good until here.

But when on that subpage, i click again on the menu “Ratkaisut” to get back on the front page “Ratkaisut” section, it links me to which is not correct. I’ve inserted the link correctly to go to but it just doesn’t. The same happens in some menu links and in some not. E.g. on that /tecs subpage if i click “Asiakkaat” it links me correctly back to the front page section “Asiakkaat”. And the link settings are exactly the same, so i really don’t know where’s the problem…

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @Juho_O, thanks for your message ! You need to setup the links on your tecs page, so that the link is like:


Can you try that? Also, if you can share your public link to your site, we are happy to take a look at the actual way you have that setup, as it is hard to tell everything that might be going on from the description alone.

Cheers, Dave