Linking One Collection Item To Another Collection Item

Hello everyone,

I see that this question has been asked before, but it was 3 years ago and I wanted to check to see if there had been any updates since then.

Right now I have a website that publishes events. These events exist as a collection. The events have speakers, and speaker info is listed as part of the event info. However, we have repeat speakers, so routinely re-filling their bio, title, education, etc seems unnecessary.

So ideally when we have a new event, for speaker information we’d be able to cross reference information from someone who’s been stored in the speaker collection.

However, according to this post it cannot be done: Linking one item to another item in different collections. However, it was written three years ago, and I’m new to web flow so I’d like to check if anything has changed since then.

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Assuming one speaker per event, use a Ref field to connect Events to Speakers.

If you have more than one;

Be aware there are limitations & disadvantages to Multi-refs, so use them sparingly.

Thanks. Could this work for images as well? The speaker would have a pic, and we’d want to use that as well.