Linking my CMS Page Template in Static Page


I’ve been working to build out a collection page template with the new multi-image field option to display customer (before and after) galleries. The multi-image field option isn’t available in static pages, so this needed to be done in a CMS Collection Page.

Now that it’s created, I’m not able to display it. I can’t figure out how to link the collection page to a live static page.

The page is named “Epoxy Flooring Clients 1s Template”

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @danpon,

I can’t quite get my head around what you’re after sorry!

Just before proceeding, you’ve said about the ‘multi-image field’ not being available on static pages - is the overall intent here to show multiple images?

It’s not called ‘multi-image’ but there is the lightbox option on static pages which does the same/similar thing, however maybe off track so apologies if so.

If you can explain it a little more, more than happy to try to help or someone out there may be able to.

Warm regards

Hi @domin8tor,

Thanks for the reply, and sorry I wasn’t clear. I was looking for a way to link my CMS Page Template on the live site. My misunderstanding of how page templates work, probably lead to my confusing question. I found that I can copy the CMS Page Template URL from the settings area of the template, and then can paste the link it in my navigation using the URL field.

Settings for Collection Page Template

Link settings in my main navigation