Linking FAQ cms conditionally to a different CMS page


I have two CMSs.
One “Tests” CMS which contains all of the data for our test pages
and one “FAQs” CMS which contains all the FAQs for all the CMS pages including the Tests CMS.
Linking the FAQs CMS to the Tests CMS page was not a challenge but there are cases where the particular Test (Item on Tests cms) does not have any FAQs.
In this case, the empty FAQs container is showing up on this page.

Page link: Writing Skills Test to Assess Candidate’s Writing Skills

I cannot set up conditional visibility from the webflow settings itself since FAQs is a separate CMS and is not on the tests CMS page.

How do i hide the FAQs from the test pages where they are empty?

Read only link: Webflow - iMocha

Can anyone help with this?
i’m well and truly stuck
@PixelGeek any help?

Hi Upasana, here’s an easy nocode way to add that as an attribute;