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Linking Ecommerce categories to product page


I have set up a category page on the ecommerce side of things and laid out this page how I want. I am now trying to link this to my products in these categories so that when the category link is clicked, it brings up all of the products in that category.

Currently it wont let me link the button to the category in question. I have linked products and categories together in the CMS section.

Can anyone advise what the next steps would be, Im not overly familiar with web design but trying to manage each step as I go along!

Here is my public share link:

@Daniel_Phillips I had a look at the page and it’s just the button that you can’t link, right? This is a limitation using the CMS as well. You’ll want to add a ‘link’ field to your categories collection and add a link (ie. and add that link to the button. Do let me know if you’d like me to explain in more detail.

Thanks for the response, Could you walk me through the steps to ensure I don’t do the wrong thing!

Will this allow me to be able to link the products to this so that once the button on the product category page is clicked, it will show all of the associated products?

@Daniel_Phillips were you able to figure it out? I took a bit of a break so I can record a video but that won’t be until in/after the weekend.


No, not yet, if you could it would be a big help. Getting the categories to link to the products and being able to display both category and product pages on the site is now my main issue as I can’t seem to do this.


Thanks for letting me know @Daniel_Phillips, I’ll take a look in a couple of days once I can :slight_smile:

@Daniel_Phillips I went to record a video for you to explain how I’ve always done this, it seems in the meantime webflow came out with an update. That or I’ve always done it the hard way! Anyway, it turns out it super simple now! Select your button, go to the panel on the right, see screenshot, and under ‘link settings’ click the purple icon of the sheet of paper.
You’ll see the dropdown appear like on the screenshot. From there select ‘current category’. That should achieve what you’re trying to do. That is what you’re trying to do, right? If not you’ll still have to use my trick but I can explain that once you need it :slight_smile: .

Hello Sarah,
I am having the same problem of linking product page to category page etc. I kind member of the forum has offered to fix it for me but I was wondering if you had created a tutorial video on the subject, since I see you were recording video from the forum feed. If you have done some webflow tutorials on this could you send me a link to them (it), please? I am new to webflow and would love to master this part of ecommerce.
Here is my site link:

Any help would be greatly appreciated