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Linking directly to page section(ID)

need to link from external page directly to a section(ID) of my webflow site. works with Chrome(OSX) but inconsistent results with Safari. Is there bulletproof link code to do this across browsers? Thanks Peter

Hi @calabasaspm :slight_smile:
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Can you share a read-only link to your project?

  • I read somewhere that if you have redirects, safari wont respond to anchor links

hey thanks, I am simply using this snippet from webflow university examples, works great with Chrome but inconsistent w Safari. I guess you are right about Safari limitations…would be interesting to know if there are alternative scripts offering better browser compatibility

Linking to a section on another page

I would love to see this issue if redirects are not involved. A browser that does not support a relative link with an appended anchor that exists on the page would be broken. I would be happy to file a bug report with the Apple Safari dev team if that is the case, Please your read only link or at least a public link I could test.