Linking CMS Items to separate pages

I have a CMS collection of three collection items that appear together on the same “Impact” page. They are brief profiles of three different people and show their name, photo, and brief description. I would like to link each profile from this page to its own respective “Full Interview” page, however when I try to incorporate a link in the CMS item, it’s the same link for all three. I can’t figure out how to make each item have a different link.

Note that both the brief profiles (“Impact” page) and the “Full Interview” pages are drawing from the same CMS Collection.

Grateful if someone can help me create a separate page link for each item.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Lead Guitar

@Parts_Labor_strategy here’s how to link CMS items to their template page - Simple CMS Link Up [Webflow Forums] - YouTube

Hope it helps


Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to make this video for me. I followed your instructions and it all came together. I’m obviously still learning Webflow and had somehow missed the whole concept of the Collection Template Pages, so instead, I was building all new pages.

The CMS is starting to make a lot more sense now! Thanks again.


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