Linking CMS Items to separate pages

I have a CMS collection of three collection items that appear together on the same “Impact” page. They are brief profiles of three different people and show their name, photo, and brief description. I would like to link each profile from this page to its own respective “Full Interview” page, however when I try to incorporate a link in the CMS item, it’s the same link for all three. I can’t figure out how to make each item have a different link.

Note that both the brief profiles (“Impact” page) and the “Full Interview” pages are drawing from the same CMS Collection.

Grateful if someone can help me create a separate page link for each item.

Here is my public share link:

@Parts_Labor_strategy here’s how to link CMS items to their template page - Simple CMS Link Up [Webflow Forums] - YouTube

Hope it helps


Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to make this video for me. I followed your instructions and it all came together. I’m obviously still learning Webflow and had somehow missed the whole concept of the Collection Template Pages, so instead, I was building all new pages.

The CMS is starting to make a lot more sense now! Thanks again.


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Hi Keegan,

I have a similar issue. I recently completed the 21 Day Portfolio tutorial and have 2 case studies. I created a separate page for each case study and wanted to link these pages from the link boxes on my home page. The issue is both case studies are under the same class, so I can only choose 1 page. I tried to change the class or add a new class, but it still only allows me to choose 1 page.

I hope this makes sense. If you have time, please look at my link.

Hey Mike, welcome to the community.
Here’s what you need to do.