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Linking back to main domain (for forum)

Hi everyone, I have a Star Wars fan site I am launching. We have a forum through xenforo, and it is hosted through However, I want to use webflow for the rest of the website - excepting the forum. I have to change the A records and all that to publish the site, so how do I do that while maintaining the forum link? Do I just put an the DNS record to point directly to the forum (ex.* ) or is this more complicated? I don’t want to mess it all up. Thank you!!

Also please excuse if I use terms wrong, I have some experience with design but not much with hosting. :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - New Galactic Empire / Eternal Sith Empire
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@volshe I am not sure if I understand correctly. Are you saying you have a forum which is hosted some where else and your site is hosted on webflow. how do you link the two?

I’m a bit unclear what your trying to link.
are you saying you want to host your on webflow while keeping on your other host?

Yes, that is what I am asking. My forum is hosted on, my website is hosted on webflow. I tried linking to the forum through webflow, but I got a 404 until I changed the name records to servers.

@volshe who is your domain registered through?, the same as who its hosted through.

I am unfamiliar with the hosted side of webflow I lease a few servers but it should be the same scenario, on your hosts side which ever host you choose you can have your domain pointing to webflow by updating the records accordingly, then on your forum host dont create it as a folder based directory i.e

you want to create a sub-domain called and point it to your host with the proper records

I hope this helps !

That is helpful! I hope I can figure out how to transfer xenforo to that subdomain…thanks!

if you have shared hosting you could do a mod rewrite or you can create a sub-domain then move your forum files there. or your host could move them

Yes, that’s what I am in the process of, subdomain creation.