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Linking a normal button to a product direct to checkout page


Beginner here. I’ve created 3 products and a checkout page. I would like to link each of these three buttons I’ve designed to the products and have it take them directly to the checkout page once clicked![direct to checkout page. Is this possible? thanks for all your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Is your intention to make ‘Direct to checkout’ buy bottons?

Please review:

Yes, but I can’t add that “cart” button to my existing design elements. They are just Div blocks. Do I have to change the elements?



You must create a Collection List -> Products item inside a ‘button-div-wrapper’ type class

See screenshot:


when you have it set up hide or delete add to cart, quantity field and only display the buy button field

that’s what I am missing. thx.

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