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Linking a dynamic list between two collection pages

I have two Collection Pages in the CMS.

The first collection page is a template for stock reports for companies that are quoted on the stock exchange. There are multiple collection items in the form of reports, some of which are for the same stock. So for instance, there may be 2 reports on Vodafone, 3 reports on Apple and 1 report on Verizon.

The second collection page is a template for each of these specific stocks. This page needs to have a dynamic list that includes all stock reports associated with the first collection page, but filtered specifically to the specific stock associated with the second collection page. So for instance, this one template for Vodafone needs a dynamic list that only incorporates the 2 Vodafone reports.

I can’t figure out how the dynamic list on the second collection page can filter the specific reports from the first collection page by only associating it to the one stock on the second collection page.

Unfortunately, my client won’t allow me to make my website public, so I can’t post a preview link. So I hope this is understandable! Any advice would be great!



Can anyone help with this? :smiley:

Don’t worry anyone, I’ve figured a work around for this using a reference field connecting the two!

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