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Can the binding text be a link to another page? I have this page here; I am converting all names to a CMS list. The three at the top are part of the new list, all ones below that are not. Right now, the top name “Renee Andolina” I would like to make a link that goes to another page. (like the one below it does). But I cannot see how to do that.

Thank you!

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Hey Kim!

If you want the image to open the template page for each educator, you have to change the link so it goes to current bio.
like this
Screenshot 2022-12-10 at 02.39.28

if you want to link them to the non cms pages, probably the best option is to create a field in the collection with the page url and then bind that link to the items link block


Thank you for your response. I already have the image linked out. The problem I have is I cannot turn the text “Renee Andolina” into a link. Can you explain more about how to create a field in the collection with the page url? Thank you so much!

Hey Kim, this will help explain.
Also how to use your collection list to represent ALL of your team members.


Hi Michael,

Wow, this video is so helpful! Thank you so much for putting this together. Yes, I am currently migrating everything over to the CMS.

At the end of the video, you mentioned organizing them into three categories. What I was going to do for that was create three separate CMS lists. Is that not the best way to do that?

Thank you!

Hi Kim, glad it helped.

In your design, I’d have one CMS collection for all of the team members, and on your page you’d have three separate collection lists using that collection. Each would be filtered to show the right set of people.

I think I figured this out. I just created a text field called categories, then applied the filter to the collection list settings. Thank you I was going to create three separate lists, this way is much easier!

The text field works great but an even better way is to create a collection named Categories with your 3 categories in it, then add a ref field to your people collection, and populate it.

Several advantages-

  • Less typing
  • You can’t typo in your category field, because you’ll only be able to pick from the list of categories
  • You’ll have a category page if you want to highlight an entire team, and give additional info about what they do
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If that solved your main issue, please mark this one as solved, probably the video item. We can still chat on your design questions even when you mark the solution. Thanks!