Link-Wrapper class causing overflow on x axis in mobile

Made with Webflow sticker is breaking my mobile site. I don’t have any overflowing divs and setting any part of the site to overflow hidden keeps me from being able to scroll. I’ve tried a custom code in the header to set overflow-x: hidden but thats not doing anything either. I don’t know if there’s a min-width set on that element. I’m not ready to pay since I haven’t finished the site, but will upgrade and lose the badge at a later time. Maybe someone at Webflow can take a look?

The site is I’m on chrome both on desktop and mobile. Mac computers and Android device. The problem doesn’t present itself on desktop, only mobile.

It’s unlikely that the badge is causing the issue. Could you share your read-only link and published URL?

I shared the published URL. And I tested everything else I know that might
cause this. The thing that gives it away is the sticker is sitting in the
bottom right corner of the expanded body element. If anyone else has any
ideas they’d be welcome.

Remove width:100%; from link-wrapper class on mobile breakpoint.

Don’t know why, but that did it! Thanks @samliew!

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