Link works on domain but doesn't on cosutom domain


Recently made a personal website in webflow. However, I have some problems with links on my main page.
All the problematic links are constructed in the following way:
a href=“/hobbies#Snowboarding” class=“text-link-arrow w-inline-block”
When the webpage is opened with webflow domain all works fine.
If the links are clicked on other domains they lead to a “404 Error”.

Any suggestions on what might be the cause and how to fix it?

If someone is trying to test the links they are on the main page in the hobbies section. All links end with small arrows.

Here is my working webflow domain site: LINK
Here is the custom domain site: LINK

@minion - did you have a site hosted on this domain previously? It looks like there is a redirect in place that is potentially causing issues:


Hi, Thanks for the answer.

Answering your question; None of the links are being redirected.
The links in question lead to a section of the page. i.e. href=“/page#section” or href="/hobbies#Snowboard. Those are direct links. All normal ‘page’ links are fine. And even the section page links are ok once you are on the page where the section is located. When the link is clicked on the same page, the section comes up.

The problem is when the link to the page#section is being called from other pages.
If my domain has the following directory tree:
-home (page)
-hobbies (pages)
|-Snowboard (hobbies page section)
|-Fishing (hobbies page section)
|-Cycling (hobbies page section)
I have opened the home page and I insert a link to the Cycling section on the hobbies page, the link will call for a href:“/hobbies#Cycling” That link will result in error 404.

For reference, when the page is hosted on every link works fine. When the same webpage exported using “export code” is hosted on a different domain the links in question break.

To recreate the error, please open both links provided in the first post, scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on any of the hobbies links under the images. The page hosted on will work, but the one on will not work. Examine the source code to see that the links are exactly the same in both cases.

Now knowing that webflow allows for such links to be created and operational on the hosting, my question is: How to create such links in GUI or program them in HTML so that they will work regardless of the hosting provider?

My inkling is that the “export code” feature doesn’t know how to export those links or there is a more robust solution to creating such links.