Link triggers video to play (similar to course) - need to launch tomorrow

Hey guys,

I’m stumped here. I am creating an LP for our Ad campaign. The LP is a portion of our course that will be gated.

Where I’m stumped is how to get the ‘lessons’ to play in the video element.
I have the CMS set up with name, details, time, thumbnail, and youtube video link.

The right side is a list of the lessons and their names, and the right side is a video player.

How do I get the appropriate lesson video to appear when someone clicks the corresponding title? (ideally without changing the URL).

ie - when someone clicks the “Welcome To Path To 1000 Leads a Month” lesson, I want that video to play. When they click lesson two, have the lesson two video play, and so on.

I’ve tried using the static page with elements and the CMS collection page.

share link attached.

Update to add - I can set the course lesson title as a link block that when clicked opens its CMS page (and therefore showing the correct corresponding videos) but this is not what i’m looking to do. I need only the video to switch!

Here is my public share link: *[LINK][1]*

Hi Victoria,

I’m not certain what you’re looking to do with the two URL paths, e.g. /p1k-course/ vs /course/. Maybe one is public for SEO and marketing and the other is the gated private course?

Either way I think the core of your question was about how to build a dynamic navigation that can play the specified video without changing the URL.

To do that you’ll need to use script to detect the, click pull through the appropriate youtube video ID, and update the player embed. I’d probably look at using a 3rd party player in this case as it might be more scriptable and configurable.

Nelson ( @PixelGeek ) did a video this week on how to create a version of this that matches the webflow U styling. It’s below and may have some good ideas to help you.

If you need help with the programming, I’m just finishing a project and I do microconsulting for a lot of my clients. I work fast but delivery-tomorrow may be a bit tight.

Also, if you switch to the CMS and Lesson-based-page approach, you’ll get specific Lesson URLs you can share. But that depends on your UX goals.

I use that approach here-