Link Top-Level Drop-Down


I’m using drop-down lists in my main navigation, and I want the top level to link to a page.

So, in the following list, I want to link “Work” to a landing page for all child pages.

If I select the Nav Link for “Work” in the Navigator panel, and then click Settings, I don’t see an option to link to a page – only options to add links:

Is this possible?

Hi @tkister

For accomplishing what you need, you will have to add link-block INSIDE the Dropdown toggle. Then text-block that you have there put INSIDE the link-block. Link-block you can give style same as all other menu-links and play a bit with Dropdown style settings. At the end structure will look something like this:



Thank you! I had to massage the styles a bit, and it seems to be working great! :grinning:


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