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Link to URL of page a form was submitted on in a CMS collection

I’m creating a comment section on my blog post pages using Zapier to populate the page with comments. All works fine except that I am unable to automatically generate a field that indicates which post the form was submitted on so that the comment is published on the correct post.

I am able to create a field called “Comment Source” and use a filter to display only the comments with “Comment Source = Current Blog Post.” I just need to find a way to fill in the “Comment Source” field with the post that the comment form was submitted on.

More info on the steps I’ve taken so far:

I used this method to send comment form submissions to a CMS collection using Zapier.

Then, I used this method to automatically submit the page URL that the form was submitted on with the form fields.

From there, my goals are to

  • Take that URL that is submitted with the form and automatically create a CMS field using Zapier
  • Automatically convert the URL to a “reference” field in the CMS so that I can apply a filter that only shows comments from the current blog post